What’s The Best Smokeless Fire Pit Available?

There are several options for purchasing a smokeless fire pit (we hope to review them all here soon) and there are some nuanced differences between each one. If you are crafty and are comfortable with doing some light metalwork, you might be interested in building your own DIY smokeless fire pit. Otherwise, you may want to think through what type of fire pit you should buy. To help you weed through the rest of the internet, here are some links* to the most popular fire pits on the market.

  • Solo Smokeless Fire Pit – This appears to be the category leader (or at least the leader in putting an every-other ad in my Instagram feed), and a very solid option. The 20″ Solo Bonfire is about $350 or the larger Solo Yukon is larger (27″ at the top) but costs between $500-600 depending on what accessories you purchase
  • Breeo Double Flame – This is Breeo’s answer to the Solo pit. The 19″ version is very comparable in price ($339) and features to the Bonfire. It has a modern, straight-line look, as opposed to the Bonfire’s subtle curves. Breeo also sells an Outpost Grill accessory for an easy open-fire grilling option for an additional $120.
  • The Trashy Fire Pit – This one wins in the quirky + value department. While it’s not stainless steel, and will eventually show some rust like other metal fire pits (I recommend buying a cover to keep out the weather), it’s still a great smokeless fire pit for the money. You can buy a smokeless fire pit made from a metal trash can for under $150. This is the best value of any option on the market that can take full size firewood logs. Disclaimer: This was my little COVID quarantine sanity project. This site is maintained by the owner of trashy.shop.
  • Hi-Flame 20.5″ Portable Smokeless Fire Pit – This is a simple design, with heavy-duty stainless steel and a simple, straight forward design. At $275 it’s cheaper than the first two options, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good. In fact that stainless steel cover is a nice accessory that’s included in the price!
  • TIKI 25″ Stainless Low Smoke Fire Pit – Tiki wins on unique style, and is different from the previous entries because it can use both traditional firewood logs or wood pellets, which give a more even and clean burn. They even ship with a starter pack of pellets (but you can almost certainly buy pellets cheaper at your local hardware store).
  • Blue Sky Outdoor Smokeless Pellet Fire Pit – This is an outlier from the others in that it is not designed for firewood logs, but if you have easy access to wood pellets, this is a small pit that packs a big smokeless punch. And at just over $80 it’s the most affordable pit on the list. Blue Sky also makes a larger version withe the added (weird?) option of getting your favorite NFL team’s logo on the fire pit 🤷‍♂️.
The Trashy Fire Pit

In the end, your decision will likely come down to size, budget, and your style preference. Functionally, these can all deliver a great smokeless burn. And remember, none of these companies have a monopoly on a good smokeless fire pit. If you understand how a smokeless fire pit works, you may just want to build one yourself from materials you can find at the local hardware store.

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