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Waste Reduction Technologies, L.L.C. (“WRT”) was organized in 2008 to purchase the assets of Crochet Equipment Company, Inc., a 34 year old manufacturer of commercial/industrial incinerators in various standard sizes based on waste reduction processing capacity from four tons per day (tpd) to 168 tpd with the engineering capability to specially design units for specific applications such as sewerage sludge, steam and electricity generation. Most WRT incinerators fall into the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) category of Air Curtain Incinerators (“ACD”) that burn only wood waste, clean lumber and yard waste, a sub category of Other Solid Waste Incinerators, further discussed below.


WRT incinerators are approved for use and installed in 34 states and seven foreign countries. WRT sells to a number of different types of customers such as municipalities (cities, counties, state, and law enforcement agencies), various industries (energy, chemical, forest products, waste management, food processing, and disaster recovery), both publicly traded and privately held. A majority of the incinerators are sold to, or used by, municipalities for waste disposal and provide an economic saving in both disposal costs (50% reduction) and the extended life of a landfill (reduces volume of waste by 99.3%, thereby, theoretically, extending the life of a landfill by almost 100%).


WRT equipment designs are basically standard parts that allow for a small unit to be enlarged at relatively little additional expense. Approximately 80% of the equipment is fabricated by WRT with the remaining parts fabricated by others in the Baton Rouge area or ordered as shelf items from national suppliers. The fabrication WRT does in-house is basic cutting, welding, and assembly of steel assemblies and the mixing and pouring of refractory material. Parts provided by vendors include large diameter pipe, industrial fans, burners and electrical control boxes. Transportation of the finished product is by insured common carrier with WRT assembling the equipment on the customer’s site. Site work consists of soil excavation, framing and pouring a concrete pad, assembly of the incinerator, initial startup, curing the refractory material and environmental emissions testing. On special order units, WRT performs the initial engineering and contracts with a licensed engineer to verify and certify the drawings and specifications.


Additions to management of WRT since the acquisition have provided experience in administration, engineering, accounting and finance allowing for a more efficient front office to compliment the manufacturing expertise of the shop.

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