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WasteExpo 2011

Visit us at the Waste Expo in the Dallas Convention Center, May 10-12, Booth #16110

Jonesboro City and Town Fires Up New Incinerator!

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin speaks at the unveiling of the city's new yard incinerator... Click here for full article.

New Products

Wasabi ™ Mobile Controlled Air Destructor
Designed for Law Enforcement/Airport Use
WRT1012 Large Animal Crematory
Automatic Hydraulic Loading
“No Touch” Operation
Handles 2+ Bovines Per Batch


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Providing Cost-Effective, Environmentally-Friendly Waste Reduction Solutions since 1974.

WRT is an international corporation delivering custom designed waste destructors which use the principle of hyper oxygenated incineration to virtually eliminate visible emissions while reducing waste volume by an average of 99.3%, thereby extending the useful life of landfills and reducing overall waste disposal costs.  Our clients include municipal and state governments as well as numerous industry sectors. 
The medical and petroleum industries have found specific utility in our systems, while others, like the poultry processing industry, benefit from our capability to design waste-to-energy systems, recovering heat which can be used directly or for the cogeneration of electricity. 
Regardless of your specific application, our engineers, environmental permitting specialists and fabrication/installation teams are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs. 

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